Engaging, dynamic and authentic. Kat ran a number of excellent sessions with staff at PGS to help them develop positive habits and 'power up' for the day. Kat was a joy to work with and her sessions have transferred into tangible outcomes.

Kat conducted a session on Morning Change Marker which was brilliant in changing the habits of us individuals in order to ensure personal happiness, wellbeing and greater and professional outcome. She is just extraordinary in her thoughts, ability to inject the very basics in a subtle yet in an effective way. She is very inspiring resource person and in her own soothing style of delivering the ways to have self-control on our life, she will make her participants an affirmation to change our lifestyle towards positivism.

Kat's passion, energy and general positivity is infectious. We trialled The Morning Gamechanger company-wide and the experience for me personally was a positive one. By the end of our 30 days I felt generally happier and more productive going in to my work day. Thanks for your efforts Kat! I'm excited to see where your venture takes you. Keep in touch.

I had the pleasure of learning from Kat on the importance of identifying and combating habits when my company, Offbeat Media Group, hosted her for a virtual lunch & learn session. She was so open and honest with us, which encouraged us all to feel comfortable doing the same. Even weeks after she spoke with us, her words of wisdom continue to inspire us both personally and professionally (and if she got a notification for each time her name has been mentioned in our company slack channel since she spoke with us, her phone would be blowing up!) Thank you Kat!.

Luke Rees

Samiul MASUD



We hired Kat for an event in London and we thought her Morning Game Changer was so inspirstional that we flew her over to Norway to hold the same course for our staff. We also set up digital sessions for our local offices in 7 other countries. Kat was wonderful with the audience. On the same day we organised an afterwork session for everyone and people were still buzzing about the Morning Game Changer and what they were going to do as part of their 21 day challenge.
I highly recommend this for anyone looking to make an investment in not just their staff but themselves too! Small changes lead to big changes. Happier people do better, strive for more and are ready to take on the challenges life throws at them.


Our firm treated us to a couple of sessions with Kat, to help us install healthy habits and routines in our lives.
As month end deadlines loomed, I was not looking forward to our session.
I was absolutely blown away by Kat. She was a breath of fresh air, one I really needed. I left the session; motivated, inspired & looking forward to our next session.
I can highly recommend Kat’s sessions. It will leave your team & you highly motivated and thinking about the things that really matters in your life. Happy employees = focused hard working employees. Give her sessions a try, you will be happy you did. 

Petronella Espey MAAT

I met Kat earlier this year through a workshop at work. I have always tried to change small things but never really managed too. We focussed on one thing to start with and checked in after a week as a business.
I often struggle with energy in the morning when the summer is over but this year my energy levels have increased due to the small changes I made to my mornings following this session.

It all started with writing down a morning plan.

Michael McHugo  

Thom emerson

I had the pleasure of attending one of Kat's resilience courses recently with eight of my staff. Small groups can be a real test, with shy delegates exposed and potentially slow to warm up to the concept. With an innovative use of Tech, highly skilled presentation techniques, a warm engaging and professional approach Kat soon had everyone's attention and importantly participation. Kat not only understands the subject intimately but has the ability to explain it and engage delegates in a way that is individually comfortable for them. I have no hesitation in recommending Kat and the Morning game changer, if you value your staff and their wellbeing you should investigate all she has to offer.